Edmonton Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces over many convenient features over wood or gas fireplaces. Not only are they typically less expensive than wood or gas burning fireplaces (in terms of both installation and operation costs) but they also don’t require gas lines or chimneys to operate, making them useful for condominiums or apartments. They also typically offer longer operational lifespans as they don’t use combustible materials that give off damaging gasses, ashes, and excess heat, making them a stylish and affordable alternative.

Vista-BI-72-7 Sierra Flame

Vista-BI-50-12 Sierra Flame

Wall Mount SimpliFire

Miami Flame Dynasty Fireplaces

DY-BT79 Dynasty Fireplaces

EF71-P Dynasty Fireplaces

Electric Inserts Dynasty Fireplaces

BLF50 Wall-mount Dimplex